Residential & Commercial Flag Poles

Flag Poles

We carry many different options for residential and commercial flag poles. All of our poles are made in Milwaukee, WI. Let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to get you a pole to fit your needs.

Style Options

We carry many options for flag poles depending on what you are looking for.

Telescoping Flag Pole

We carry a Telescoping Flag pole that are aluminum and can be raised in 5ft sections. They have polycarbonate swivel rings that include a double flag harness for flying 2 flags, 3” gold anodized aluminum ball, and a heavy-duty PVC foundation sleeve. These poles are rope and pulley free, maintenance free, and durable with 16 gauge aluminum.

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Tapered Homesteader Flag Pole

20’ Tapered Homesteader Flag Pole is an all-aluminum ground set flag pole. The seamless aluminum tubing sections wedge together providing a smooth exterior finish. It comes with a cast nylon rope cleat, heavy duty ground sleeve, 3” gold anodized aluminum ball ornament, cast aluminum revolving truck w/ pulley, and rope with 2 nylon flag snaps.

Economy Extra Series Flag Pole

The Economy Extra Series pole is an external halyard Ground Set tapered aluminum flag pole. It comes with a gold aluminum ball ornament, cast aluminum revolving truck w/pulley, solid braided rope, swivel flag snaps w/vinyl snap covers, cast aluminum cleat with mounting screws, spun aluminum flash collar, and a heavy-duty PVC foundation sleeve.

Deluxe IH Series Flag Pole

Deluxe IH Series pole is an internal halyard ground set tapered aluminum flag pole. This style of pole contains a winch mounted inside the flag pole shaft, which can only be operated with a removable crank handle. There is a stainless steel cable inside the pole that goes over the truck sheave to the outside of the pole where an anchor is attached. A counterweight is attached to the retainer ring which allows the rope to be lowered for fastening or removing the flag.

Height Options

The Tapered Homesteader Flag Pole comes in 20’. The Telescoping Flag Poles come in 15’, 20’, or 25’. All other flag pole styles come in multiple height options starting at 15’. The height goes up in 5’ increments.


What is the most popular flag pole height?

For residential flag poles our most popular height is either 20’ or 25’. For commercial flag poles our most popular height is 30’ to 40’.

Does Badger Flag Pole & Monument install?

We do install flag poles. It does usually take 2 trips to install a flag pole. The first trip would be framing and doing the cement. The 2nd trip would be to put the flag pole in.

Does Badger Flag Pole & Monument sell lighting?

We carry solar lights that attached to the top of the flag pole and shine down on the flag.

Can I get something other than a gold ball for the top?

Yes, we do have other flag pole toppers.

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